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Yanek is an undercover Red Line informant, disguised as a penniless Metro citizen, seen only in the Chronicles Pack DLC mission, Pavel.


Yanek is only seen in the final section of the Pavel level, in the non-hostile sector of Venice, begging for bullets near the train tracks. Upon approach, Yanek will ask Pavel for a bullet. Pavel can give him one, upon which Yanek will reveal himself as an informant, saluting the Major. He will tell Pavel that there is a railcar nearby, waiting to take Pavel back to the Red Line. Before Pavel leaves, Yanek tells him that one of Venice's nearby sex shops is a scam, and that Pavel should avoid it. He then returns to begging from and informing on the citizens of Venice.


  • Possibly as part of his deep cover, Yanek will only reveal himself to Pavel if Pavel approaches him first.
  • The rumour about sex shop that Yanek mentions as being a scam is correct; the man outside the closed sex shop will tell Pavel that there is a much cheaper one further down. If Pavel visits it, when the lights come on, it is revealed to be an old woman dancing 'seductively'.
    • Curiously, the supposedly closed sex shop is open - if Pavel walks past the man (who does not stop him), Pavel can view a much younger dancer.

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