• ThePenultimateLoreNerd

    First of all, Hi, my first post. Second, I have recently re-read Metro 2033 for the 4th Time, and am now reading Metro 2034 for the 2nd time, and im still in love with both of them as I was the first time. However, reading Metro 2034 and analysing the two books for a moment has lead me to a horrible realisation. When Arytom is captured by the Facists and then rescued by the Revolotionaires (On the map as Trotskyists), we are introduced to the very unique characters of the Revolution, one of which is Asian, and one of which is black, both of whome belong to a race Artyom has never seen before. Despite the fact Arytom, by this point in the novel, has seen a fair number of station and so a fair number of people, we know he hasnt seen anyone o…

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