Metro: Last Light follows the events of the original cult hit Metro 2033. In the year 2034, beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, the remnants of mankind survive in the tunnels of the metro. Mutants and other supernatural entities rule the ash and sky above, and stalk the catacombs beneath the surface, hunting anyone bold enough to venture into their domains. Yet it is not from monsters that the true struggle comes from. The station-cities themselves struggle for a doomsday device from the military vaults of D6, protected solely by the metro elite: the Rangers. The device would give whoever possess it immeasurable leverage, but stands to destroy everything in the process.
Notable Characters

While Metro features a number of supernatural enemies, rival factions of humanity are just as deadly. Beyond the rabble of bandit and anarchist forces, a deadly war rages between the fascist, neo-Nazis forces of the Fourth Reich, and their rivals, the Red Line, staunch supports of the defunct USSR. However, amidst the fog of war, are the silhouetted shapes of a deadly power thought rendered extinct from D6's original unleashing. Homo Novus, the Dark Ones, in numbers and with intentions unknown, may yet play a critical part in the metro's darkest hour.
Notable Enemies

While metro is based around shooter style gameplay, Artyom isn't invincible, and many situations will require more brainpower and tact with stealth, than firepower. Given the game's use of special bullets as currency, conserving ammo and finding a non-violent way through, is always a wise decision.
Notable Weapons

Civilization ekes out a living in the ruins of the underground Russian metro system. Small city-stations exist at different stops along the metro, though the different in-game factions ensure that not all of them are friendly. Last Light takes place in the same setting as the first game, yet expanding it different directions, with Venice being the first new city to be revealed.
Notable Places

Gameplay Demo
IGN Live Metro Last Light Demo - E3 201209:14

IGN Live Metro Last Light Demo - E3 2012

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