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The Final Round of our Create-Your-Own Apocalypse has been an been an exciting battle between the entries. All 15 entries in the final round, along with the Honorable Mentions, proved to have some very interesting ideas! Your votes have been counted throughout this week and we've finally reached a clear cut winner for the Ultimate Survival Pack!

The Winner is...

1. Bakkeri (83 votes)

2. Bletheringahol (43 votes)

3. The Gordonator (14 votes)

The votes have been counted, and the winner is Bakkeri! His unique time-shift apocalypse was a hit and was off to an early lead. Bletheringahol's apcocalypse was also gaining votes quickly, but was unable to overtake the top spot. Several other ideas received a good handful of votes as well. 

Bakkeri will receive the Ultimate Survival Pack for winning the contest! Thanks for all of your votes and all of your entries. We had a great time with this contest and we hope you did too!

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