I just want to say that both game's have their pros and cons but in general they are both very good game's. To me Metro 2033 is the best simply because of the charm of it. While the gunplay was lackluster to the point of making me rage, it still is fun to shoot people and mutants. The gunplay while bad also added realism and challenge which is good if done right. The graphics in Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light are the most beautiful I have ever seen in a game and it makes Crysis 3 look like shit. With all the lighting dynamic and the textures looking real, along with DX11 make's it look next-gen. The story in Metro 2033 is better then MLL but only by 1 point. Reading the book also helped with the story in Metro 2033. That's not to say the story in MLL was bad, with the new characters like Pavel (AKA best partner) and Anna (AKA bitch queen) making the game more alive then Metro 2033. The acting in both games are.... above par, they are not bad but also not good and coming from a game made in Ukraine, that's not bad considering the working conditions 4A Games had to go though. The writing in Metro 2033 is very good and witty, adding charm to it while the writing in MLL is.... good but.... it's meh.  Both game's are long, lasting a good 8-9 hours, depending on if your just rush in (doom style) or just stop by and admire the view. I think that's everything I have to say and again, Metro 2033 to me is the better game, not by gameplay. But by story and I hope that one day, the Metro series will be huge. Please comment on whether you agree with me or disagree and we can start a fight (joking).

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