Teddy Picker

aka Andrew

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in Columbus, Ohio
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Teddy Picker

    Summer Plans

    June 12, 2012 by Teddy Picker

    I'll be gone from tomorrow to Sunday, so if you reallllly need anything, email me at I may or may not have access to a laptop, it really depends on how good of a mood my brother is in.

    I'm also going on vacation in July, although I don't know any specifics.

    Just thought I'd put this here in case anyone is wondering, "hey, where's Teddy Picker?" in the next few days. But let's be honest, no one cares :|

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  • Teddy Picker

    Star Wars 1313

    June 2, 2012 by Teddy Picker

    Lucasarts released info on their new game, Star Wars 1313. Article here.

    Thoughts? I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan (Republic Commando, KotOR, Battlefront, etc) so I'm incredibly excite for this.

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  • Teddy Picker

    Just a centralized location for new gameplay images. All thanks to user majnu on the Last Light forums for such an awesome evaluation, and even better pictures.

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  • Teddy Picker

    extremely old interview that I had never seen before but thought was new

    • my lord so help me if they change the currency system I will find whoever is responsible and punch them
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  • Teddy Picker

    click me

    Don't go to youtube, I was able to watch ti from the website but not on YouTube. Enjoy.

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