So, I want to prefice this by saying that I loved this game and the ending was completely mind-blowing. That being said, I played through the game twice, once on Ranger Hardcore mode and once on Ranger Mode and I did not receive the achievement for either. It isn't a big deal and I'm sure it's just a bug or a glitch or whatever, but it was a little disappointing that I got the achievements for completing all of the major parts without killing or activating alarms and even the achievement for defending the platform at the end without dying on the hardest difficulty, but I did not get the two simple achievements that I wanted to have on my "Gamer Resume". Like I said before, it really isn't a big deal and I'm not super worried about it, but I did put the work into playing the game for the first time with no Head Up Display (HUD), no hints, and no crosshair. That is difficult for someone who hadn't played a Metro game in years. So the least the game could do was reward me with a very good ending (done) and a little 100 gamerscore that lets others know that I am at least persistent in the game (undone). I feel like that's a fair trade.

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