• Sadist King


    April 6, 2010 by Sadist King

    Today, I found out that someone had made extensive edits on Artyom. The content that was added was just childish... bullshit. The IP Address: have been blocked for a year, and is not allowed to create an account either for one year. If this sounds harsh, I do not care. I do not consider vandalism to be fun. Here are some of the edits that were made on the page: "Artyom is tasked with a difficult mission; to deliver Hunter's penis to Miller so he can put it in his anus." There were more of this childish behavior on the pag. It has been removed, and the page should now be up to it's previous, serious state.

    And as a friendly message to any of the serious editors, if you see any vandalism, report to me and I will ban the IP Addre…

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