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  • Roadside Picnic

    Yep. It's official. Metro Last Light is gonna be awesome.

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  • Roadside Picnic

    It's too late now of course, and that's alright. I think there should be an automatic pistol in the upcoming Metro Last Light. I don't think there will be, and it's certainly too late to add it now, but still, hypothetically, it would've been cool.

    First of all, I want to say I am looking forward to Metro Last Light and am in no way disappointed by the absence of an automatic pistol.

    Now, that aside, I hold this opinion primarily because it was included in the book. Hunter was armed with a stechkin automatic pistol with, if I remember correctly, a silencer, stock, and laser sight. I just always thought those attachments perfect for a Metro game, you know? Ah well. At least they have the semi automatic pistol.

    Besides, gameplay-wise, an automa…

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