• McNameloc

    So since the insomnia is in control now, I figured that I'd post this question for the community I thought of a while back.

    Since the last DLC has been released and now we begin the long wait for a new game (or multiplayer, Godspeed you magnificent bastards), we've seen all that the Metro series has to offer us for now. So my question is: what weapons and equipment did you feel would fit into the universe but were missing from the games?

    So far, I've come up with:

    •  A 5.45 bolt action or single shot. The gap between the Revolver and Valve is enormous, and Metro marksmen deserve better than that. 
    • More makeshift 5.45 weapons in general. As the assumed currency of the Metro you'd think that it would have a wider variety of things to "spend" it wi…

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  • McNameloc

    Last Light Update

    July 19, 2013 by McNameloc

    nothing to see here

    Just asking about the update

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