Apocalypse: A worldwide Nanotech plaque and the disolution of U.N.

City: North West Pacific.

Main Character: Trinity( a tribal descendant of the first generation of Nanotech survivors).

Weapon: Shotgun, Trinity's martial training, and Trinty's biotechnological augments (Due to the fact that his great grandparents were infected with the nanites).

Enemies/Villians: Luddites, Nanotech Abominations, other augmentated survivors, the pacific warlords, and Mr. Santino( a californian slaver and trinty's most cunning foe).

Struggles: with the collaspe of society all across the world many have taken it apond themselves to rebuild what was lost, warlords have arisen all across the world, nanite survivors see themselves as the apex of human evolution, luddites march across the land the land burning all those they claim are unpure, and society's slow progress to rebuild what was lost. Trinity must the location of a safe haven that was lost through out the ages, if not then his tribal brothers and sister will die slowly but surely.

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