Artyom sat there, pondering about his adventure he had just finished, until his train of thought was interupted by a familier voice. "You getting high, Artyom?", it was Ulman, who had traveled all the way from his base, moved through the apocalyptic and destroyed Moscow, climed up the tallest free standing tower in a what was called "Europe", just to get to Artyom. Artyom looked at Ulman, and smiled at the "You getting high, Artyom?" joke, and stood up, "Let's go home" he said. "Right! Let's catch the next domestic flight on a Demon, hehehe!", Ulman joked. A few hours later, Artyom and Ulman where at Artyom's home station, VDNKh, where they sat down for shots of Vodka. "Chyort! This Vodka is like a woman, it kicks your ass, but it tastes sweet!" Ulman joked, where Artyom chuckled, "And it is always wet!" Ulman continued. "So, Artyom...have you heard of a band called Lyube?".

"No, don't think I have..."

"Well it's a pre-blast band, which started in a time called the 1980's"



Artyom and Ulman parted ways, for now, and Artyom went to his Stepfather, to ask what it was like, before the blast.

"Well Artyom, it was a different time. It was warm sometimes, there was sun, there were was grass, fresh air, lots of people, about 6 billion on the planet. You see, we made that world, and we destroyed it. There were flying machines called 'planes', that flew fast, and would go to different places, Kilometers apart. We had cars, except they were not bound by track"

"I drove in one of those 'trackless' cars"

"You did? There were billions of them before the blast, now they are all damaged and destroyed. There were also beautiful silver trains that drove through this Metro, I rode them many times, and took the for granted, now I miss them. Just like now, we had guns back then, and we still retain most of our weapons, more than I can say about other countries. I wonder why I decide to keep on living, in a world without a tomorrow, but then I remember: there have been many species that have gone extinct, but there is one species that wont, us, no matter how destructive one event has been, we have been able to rebuild, to replace, to continue. We are proof of that. We survived, and rebuilt our culture here. Hopefully, we can rebuild up there, on the ground I used to call 'home'. Lets hope Artyom, lets hope.

This is just a little FanFic I wrote for what happens to Artyom after his mission. If I get good feed back, I will write more, that are longer than this...

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