• Levihogan

    Artyom sat there, pondering about his adventure he had just finished, until his train of thought was interupted by a familier voice. "You getting high, Artyom?", it was Ulman, who had traveled all the way from his base, moved through the apocalyptic and destroyed Moscow, climed up the tallest free standing tower in a what was called "Europe", just to get to Artyom. Artyom looked at Ulman, and smiled at the "You getting high, Artyom?" joke, and stood up, "Let's go home" he said. "Right! Let's catch the next domestic flight on a Demon, hehehe!", Ulman joked. A few hours later, Artyom and Ulman where at Artyom's home station, VDNKh, where they sat down for shots of Vodka. "Chyort! This Vodka is like a woman, it kicks your ass, but it tastes s…

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