So, I recently finished playing Metro Last Light and on my first run through I decided to play on ranger hardcore, mainly because I really liked it on the first metro, and because it really helped my immersion into the game. Although I greatly enjoyed Ranger Hardcore, I have a few things I would change if I could.

First, I would add an option to look at my equipped secondaries, and my remaining clips. This could have been me pressing a button (maybe tab) and instead of a HUD overlay coming up, Artyom would look down at his side and chest or whatever and i could see what secondary I had (grenades, knives, etc) and the clips I had, however few or many. Not only would this keep with the no HUD Ranger Hardcore mode, it would also make playing the game feel a little more real. There is no reason why I would not be able to look at my own supplies and see how much ammo I have in real life, so why not put it in the game?

Next, I would add a way for me to tell when I had to press "e" for quicktime events, or to help someone. I could usually guess, but sometimes I died the first time, as I could not tell it was a quicktime event. This was a minor thing for me, but it really would have helped.

I also would generally have just liked a way to look around without moving my gun, or a way to put my gun away so I could see more, thinking of Arma 2. I just really like doing that in games, and it helps with my immersion. Anyways, thats my top 3 things for Ranger Hardcore.

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