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Attachments are devices attached to a weapon to enhance a certain aspect of that weapon. Throughout the Metro system the player will find many types of guns that are either standard models of the weapon, meaning it has nothing attached to it, or that it will have some sort of attachment on it. There are attachments in both [[Metro 2033] and Metro: Last Light.

Metro 2033

In Metro: 2033, there are multiple attachments including a bayonet, sights and barrel extensions.

(Insert Metro attachments)

Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light improves of the attachment system and includes more attachments including stocks, barrel mods, sights and more.

Reflex Sight

This pre-war sight makes aiming the gun at close and medium range easier, without sacrificing much of the field of view.

— Shop Description

The Reflex Sight can be purchased for most all customizable guns for 25 MGR.

IR Sight

A piece of pre-war military tech, this Night Vision sight allows for precisely hitting targets in the dark.

— Shop Description

The IR Sight can be purchased on any gun that supports sights. It's available at the start of the game along with the Reflex Sight. It helps the player see through the dark. It can be purchased for 35 MGR.

2x Sight

This pre-war optical sight facilitates weapon aiming at medium range but limits the field of view, making it hard to use in the confines of tunnels.

— Shop Description

The 2x Sight is available later on in the game for any rifles such as the Kalash, Valve and Kalash 2012. It has the second highest magnitude of zoom. It can be purchased for 45 MGR.

4x Sight

--Description Unknown--


Hides the muzzle flash and muffles the shots, decreasing spread at the same time. Projectile speed is also decreased, leading to more damage falloff.

— Shop Description

The silencer can be purchased for almost any customizable gun, excluding the Tihar, Helsing, Preved and Valve. It reduces noise levels but if two targets are close enough, a shot (Even with a suppressor) can alert either. It can be purchased for 30 MGR.

Extended Barrel

Increases accuracy at medium and long range, but makes the weapon bulkier and heavier.

— Shop Description

The extended barrel is almost exclusively for shotguns only besides the Revolver. It adds an extra barrel segment and increases accuracy and range. It is available for --MGR amount unknown--.

Flash Suppressor

Reduces recoil, improving accuracy; eliminates muzzle flash, which can be quite blinding in the dark of the tunnels.

— Shop Description

The flash suppressor is reserved for only the Valve and Preved. It improves accuracy and eliminates muzzle flash which can give away the player's position. It is available for --MGR amount unknown--.

Four Barrels

Increases the Duplet's firepower two-fold, enabling it to fire two or four barrels at once, which leads to corresponding increased recoil.

— Shop Description

The four barrels attachment is only available on the Duplet and can be found in 2 locations; towards the end of Bandits and in the catacombs of Undercity. It is available for a whopping 70 MGR.


The stock and forend installed on the pistol essentially turn it into a short range carbine, reducing recoil and increasing accuracy greatly.

— Shop Description

The stock+forend is only available for the Revolver and Lolife. It increases accuracy and reduces recoil. It's available for 40 MGR.

Stock (Bastard)

The anatomic stock makes the bastard gun easier to control, which is essentially welcome in full auto.

— Shop Description

This attachment is made specifically for the Bastard. It allows easier control of the gun, a must-have for spray and pray players. It costs 40 MGR.

Airtight Valve

The air bottle with this high-quality valve of pre-war make does not leak air even when over-pressurized.

— Shop Description

The airtight valve is only available for the Tihar or the Helsing. It prevents air leakage and can allow for the weapon to be over-pressurized which can lead to a higher damage output per arrow. It costs 40 MGR.

Stock (Duplet)

This spring-loaded stock created by the smithy's gun wizards effectively compensates for recoil, increasing the gun's accuracy.

— Shop Description

This stock is made specifically for the Duplet. It increases accuracy and helps control recoil. It can be bought for --MGR amount unknown--.

Laser Sight

A pre-war laser sight facilitates aiming the weapon at close range, making precise snapshots easy to achieve.

— Shop Description

The laser sight is an attachment available for every customizatable gun in the game. It helps control hip-fire shots and should be attached if the player has extra MGR to spend. It costs a measly 15 MGR.

Ergonomic Grip

Makes handling the weapon easier, decreasing the negative effect recoil has on accuracy."

The ergonomic grip is only attachable on a Duplet. It helps decrease recoil by making gun control easier for the player. It's available for 25 MGR.

Extended Magazine (Kalash)

This light machinegun magazine is capable of holding a ranger's weekly earnings and allows for longer sustained fire with less reloads.

— Shop Description

The extended magazine is a light machinegun magazine modified to fit the Kalash. It increases the limit by 15, from 30 to 45 bullets per magazine. It costs 45 MGR.

Extended Magazine (Saiga)

A sustained fire aficionado's best friend, it allows for longer bursts with fewer reloads.

— Shop Description

The extended magazine for the Saiga is a modified drum clip built to hold 20 shotgun rounds. It increases the original limit of 10 bullets to 20 bullets per magazine, a increase of double. It costs 45 MGR.

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