While reading Metro 2034 (finally out in english), I came across two important facts that lead me to believe that the "Redemption" ending is the cannon ending for Metro last Light.

In Metro 2034:

  1. Miller is confined to a wheelchair, missing both his legs.
  2. Artyom is married and living at Exhibition.

Granted, Miller doesn't say to whom Artyom's married, or that he has a kid, but since 2034 takes places "a year and a half" years after 2033 according to Miller, it's plenty of time for the events of Last Light to have happened. I think this is pretty compelling evidence that the Redemption ending is cannon. Of course this isn't 100% certain until Metro 2035 comes out, but the fact Miller's missing both legs in a wheelchair seems to strongly suggest it.

Thoughts on this?

EDIT: I finished the book and discovered 2 new points that further indicate that 2034 takes place after Last Light.

  1. Leonid, Moskvin's son who helps Artyom escape Korbut, has been exiled from the Red Line. In Last Light, he's still living there.
  2. Leonid dies at the end of 2034, so 2034 undoubtedly takes places after Last Light if Leonid is present in it.

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