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  • Draevan13

    While reading Metro 2034 (finally out in english), I came across two important facts that lead me to believe that the "Redemption" ending is the cannon ending for Metro last Light.

    In Metro 2034:

    1. Miller is confined to a wheelchair, missing both his legs.
    2. Artyom is married and living at Exhibition.

    Granted, Miller doesn't say to whom Artyom's married, or that he has a kid, but since 2034 takes places "a year and a half" years after 2033 according to Miller, it's plenty of time for the events of Last Light to have happened. I think this is pretty compelling evidence that the Redemption ending is cannon. Of course this isn't 100% certain until Metro 2035 comes out, but the fact Miller's missing both legs in a wheelchair seems to strongly suggest …

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