Well, I've finished Last Light and I think it was an awesome game. The story was great and the characters like Khan and Pavel were also great and funny. The game also retained 2033's bone chilling atmosphere and I was nearly pissing my pants at some points, especially the dead city level. Stealth was a bit too easy though but the combat have been greatly improved, the AI isn't quite as dumb or buggy as it was in 2033 and I actually  found myself out flanked a couple of times. The last few levels of the game wasn't quite as intence as I wanted it to be but they were still good and the final battle was epic, reminded me a bit of 300, SPARTA, TO BATTLE!!! I'd give the game a 9/10.

Now what is everyone's opinion on the game: Was it great? Was it good(ish)? Was it okay or down right disappointing ?

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