Sitting in class. Bored :(

Here's a little story I made.

The man who vent after bread

A man vent after bread one morning since he didn't have any left at home. The man vent to the bakery and asked the asshole kid behind the counter if there was any bread left. When the kid came back and said that there wasn't any bread left and insulted the man in the prosses. The man said thank you politly and vent outside. When he was about 50 yards away from the bakery he took a tigger out of his pocket. Seconds later the bakery and the asshole kid blew up in a huge fireball. Out of his other pocket the man took out a pair of sunglasses, put them on and and said "Burn baby, Burn!" Then he went home and discovered that he had some bread left so he made some coffee and had a nice breakfast whit bacon and egg.

Happy ending :P

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