Ok guys heres another poem honoring one of my favorit characters :D The poem is kinda long and i want to improve it so all critics and suggestions are more then welcome!


He was all alone in the dark

When he suddenly heard a terrible bark

Around he jumped, afraid as hell

Like he had heard Hell's bell

Around he looked and a lurker appeared

More then this he couldnt have cared

He aimed his gun and pulled the trigger

But the treath was now suddenly bigger

The gun had jammed despit its cost

It seemed now that all hope was lost

The lurker now jumped toward him

He looked straight at his own demise

But the he got a big surprise

Out of the shadows jumped a man

While throwing at the beast an empty sup can

He presided to pin it to the ground

As it was making a terrible sound

He showed his knife into its throat

Blood was soacked al over his coat

He looked at his savior and said 'Thank you friend'

'I tought this was my end'

'What's your name friend' he asked

It was appearent that the man was tasked

He replied not interested in a sermon

'Everybody calls me Boubon'

Hope you liked it! If you don't tell me so i can make it better. You will find that some parts dosen't make any sence wich is because I couldn't find anything better that rimed!

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