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  • I live in Norway
  • I was born on January 16
  • My occupation is Student/Gamer/Poet/Novice Author
  • I am A Wolf Among Jackals
  • CrookedShades

    Fan fiction!

    January 13, 2014 by CrookedShades

    Wanna see the result of a bored out of piss saturday evening? Well lucky you for I wrote a metro fan fiction about the soldiers on the frontline between the Nazis and the Reds. What response I have gotten off it has been good so I thought it was worth sharing it with you guys. If you like it, let me know for I got some more suff coming up in the near future. Now quickly click the link before you realize that I just shamelessly used the Metro wiki as a way to advertise my fan fiction.

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  • CrookedShades

    The Rangers

    June 7, 2013 by CrookedShades

    The Rangers


    Stick to the shadows

    So that you may survive

    For down here

    The mutants thrive


    So stay with us buddy

    And trust no stranger

    That may save your life

    Good luck to you Ranger


    The spring has finally arrived my friend

    The long winter has past

    But something is not right here

    This peace will not last


    But in our hour of darkness

    It is we who fight

    To our last breath

    For the Last Light

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  • CrookedShades

    Well, I've finished Last Light and I think it was an awesome game. The story was great and the characters like Khan and Pavel were also great and funny. The game also retained 2033's bone chilling atmosphere and I was nearly pissing my pants at some points, especially the dead city level. Stealth was a bit too easy though but the combat have been greatly improved, the AI isn't quite as dumb or buggy as it was in 2033 and I actually  found myself out flanked a couple of times. The last few levels of the game wasn't quite as intence as I wanted it to be but they were still good and the final battle was epic, reminded me a bit of 300, SPARTA, TO BATTLE!!! I'd give the game a 9/10.

    Now what is everyone's opinion on the game: Was it great? Was i…

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  • CrookedShades

    When the bombs fell

    October 29, 2012 by CrookedShades

    Felt realy sad and depressed so I disided to make somthing out of it. I hope this poem will make you think. What would you do at the worlds ending?

    When the bombs fell

    On that terrible day

    The Devil rang his bell

    The warm spring of May

    When the bombs fell

    They ran for the tunnels

    Under an atomic sky

    Forward in big bundles

    They all knew they were going to die

    By the computer sat a man

    He had one last message to send

    Goodbye cruel world

    This is the end

    The few that survive live underground

    In a manmade hell

    Remembering that horrible

    When the bombs fell

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  • CrookedShades

    Finaly a new poem

    September 12, 2012 by CrookedShades

    Sorry it's been a while. I started on this poem when I was on a trip to Spain. Hope you like it.


    Deep in the darkness of the underground

    Where there is rarely a sound

    Lives a quite strange man

    He does things no one else can

    He's a mystic of the strange sort

    The kind of man in the king's court

    A man of conviction and of faith

    Some say that's his best trait

    A traveler between the darkness and the light

    A warrior in a never ending fight

    And though he walks trough the tunnel of death

    He fears not a singel treath

    He says that war breads war

    His name is Khan and he is so much more

    I left an altered biblical reference in the poem, try to find it. As always comments and critics are more than welcome.

    And as always have a nice day :)

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