First off, sorry for not being as active as i should be. College and work have taken most of my time. Anyways, the new issue of Gameinformer is out detailing many new features and insights into metro.

  • Andrew the smith is back
  • AK-2012 back
  • Some kind of mauser looking pistol
  • Flintock grip long barrel revolver
  • Hanza actually appear as Hanza soldiers and not generic guards
  • Dune Buggy Rail Car
  • Apparently the Reds have also been to D6
  • Bioweapon found by Reds in D6
  • Test bioweapon on random stations and take over said station
  • Digital watch
  • Weapons Mods
  • 3 Weapon slots and not sidearm slot, so 3 slots for any weapons
  • Hub station-Infirmary called circus
  • Artyom reluctant to reveal the reds are behind the attacks

Now we have some sense of plot here. I Hope the dark ones and Artyoms actions play into it somehow or it seems like its just some ordinary plot now (not as personal as Metro 2033)

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