Since august ive had a really good job, and im earning quite a bit a month, so ive decided to get a new laptop. Since i havent really bought that much ive save roughly £1200, and since i still live at home and havent got to pay taxes, rent etc i canpretty much do what i want with it. I am going to try and use most of it and am going to get an Acer Aspire 5755G. You might say laptops are shitty for games, well i kinda like the fact i can sit anywhere with it and use it wihtout sitting down on my desk.


Blu-Ray Drive

nVidia GeForce GT540M-2GB RAM


Intel i7 Quad Core-2.9GHz


Ive read reviews that it can still play games quite well, and i recently bought STALKER SoC and CoP, from steam.

Hopefully it can play Metro 2033 and Last Light too. Between 8 to 12 months i will be building my own PC, Since i have been doing a Software and Hardware course at college.

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