Ok, so i am buying a kindle for myself next week, (i use my dads a lot). Its great etc, so i got thinking, Kindle books can be made by anyone for free. So i had an idea to make a portable Kindle version of the Metro 2033 Wikia. it can be for non profit, and all he information is provided by ourselvs and not taken from THQ and 4A. The books are apparently easy to produce, everything is done digitally, and its 100% free to put onto kindle. I personally think its a great idea, but we would only publish the most popular and most suitable pages.

  • The Pages for the Game Metro 2033 only (Since Last Light is not released)
  • The Pages for the book Metro 2033 only
  • Primary Characters (e.g. Artyom, Miller, Hunter,Khan etc, not Captain Kresnov, or Andrew the 'smith)
  • Not Achievements
  • Weapons from the Game, possibly with a Black and White Image
  • Locations
  • Levels

Free makesit easy to remove and make revisions after a few months.

We can add some simple black and white images. Weapons, Logo's possibly head shots of characters. Possibly the character model similar to how Komodo got the 3D Models for the weapons.

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