Things are good. I got a pretty good job that pays quite well and I got an awesome holiday coming up. So i need some advice. I am going on a 12-ish hour flight, and i need some games for the trip. Im taking mylaptop, so anything from steam. I want it to be a simple game, that i not graphic intensive (Intel intigrated netbook graphics card...)its terrible, sonothing new. I also want it to look like something that would be free so i dont have to explain to my parents. Im thinking Peggle. i enjoyed Peggle Extreme so i might get that. Minecraft will be a good choice as well.

So, my Job isnt anything amazing. Its stacking shelvs in a supermarket. Ok its not amazing, but its in the UK's nicest supermarket, Waitrose. (it sells food to the queen sort of). But it pays £6.25 per hour (rougly $10 perhour), and i work 17 hours a week. Its great because its kinda easy, passes time quickly and at the end of every night, they have employee shopping, where they sell everything cheap. Today i got some bread rolls, 2 dougnuts, 2 iced buns and a bottle of fancy lemonade for £1.02 ($1.64). Its great last week they had a chocolate birthday cake. which a friend got.

Holidays gonna be great. Newyork then Niagra Falls, then Washington and finally back to New York then home. And when i get home my older brother should have picked up my copy of Deus Ex. Next Games and stuff might be from the plane in a few weeks time since, delta have Wifi (how the hell does that work?)

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