Ok not too much to report recently. Havent got ajob yet, and the wait untill college starts its boring. PLaying games all day wears off after a while, and it is extreamly boring without friends to talk to. Although i did manage to Complete Halo Reach on Legendary (a feat that i thought i could never achieve) quite cool seeing the Achievement pop-up "3 Achievements for 350G". And i Re-purchased ODST again. (Ok im a Halo fan; although wasnt impressed with Halo 3) and i have got to Commander on Reach. Also Re-purchased Tony Hawk Underground xbox Original. I loved that game sooo much, and still a great game to this day; still better than any other Tony Hawk, or SKATE game. So after being bored, i voluntarily signed up for Summer School. It wasnt the typical type of summer school, it only lasts 3 Days. Its at the College im going to, and it was about Robotics and Gaming. Monday we got to code a 2D-Platforming game using XNA, so it can play on Xbox 360 (its what Xbox Indie Games are made with) I made it a Metro themed ones. It was fun although quite hard. Today we got to make Android App's. Super easy and really satisfying to make. Although it was a 'Whack-a-mole' style touch game or an HTC phone. You can download the (Bug riden) Beta software here for free; although it does require a Gmail account. Really fun, east and i managed to take one of the booklets so i can make some apps. If you have an HTC or android phone, i'll be posting links to some simple apps in the next 'Games and Stuff' I might make a Metro 'Facts' kinda thing.

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