Here is no 4 of my Games and stuff blog.,nothing much going on in the world of games...thats the end of it then. Ok im kidding, E3 technically started yesterday, and the major devs and publishers had their conferences. Wow, some great and some terrible.

First of, MS announced some new games, Halo 4, 5 and 6 was announced, and MS are releasing a remake of Halo 1. Ima fan of Halo, but im really not excited for Halo 4. To me it seemed like its over-using the halo name. The remake im up for, it looks great and i loved the first. GoW, had some...weird footage and Cliff B's "Friend" Ice-T came to the stage and acted Gangster-ish. It was kinda unesicary. Ubisoft bought out "Mr Caffine". Damn that was an akward speech. His lame jokes really were terrible. The EA sports section was really really boring, all they were doing, was saying "Buy this game becuase its exactly the same as before, yet we claim to have changed it" but it took like 30minutes. I only watched the first half of Sonys and the PSVita looks great. Super cheap and the hardware sounds great. Only £230/$250. Ubisoft also announced Far Cry 2. Looks really polished and fun.

Me and some friends had some great jokes over twitter, and bought upsome older jokessuch as 'Riiiidge Racer'and 'Giant Enemy Crab'. I tweeted over 100 times yesterday. It was mad, i rarely ever use twitter.

In other news, so bored. Ive got a few exams left, and for the next few days im off. My next one is tuesday. Got nothing to do, and i was going to replay Metro 2033, but my disc is scratched and it wont install to my Xbox and i dont want to sit through hours of really loud Humming. I'll be doing more Games and Stuff E3 Edition over the next few days

Smish34-Admin, Bureaucrat and Editor 14:46, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

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