So huge week coming up for games. Although i dont think E3 can top the 2 early E3 announcements. Metro Last Light looks fantastic. The trailer really makes the game look great. And the other HUGE news is that Konami are releasing the MGS HD Collection on the xbox. MGS2, MGS3 Snake Eater and MGS Peace Walker. MGS3 and Peace Walker are two of my all time favorite games.So excited. And it comes out this November. Im gonna be broke by the end of the year. MGS HD, BF3, Deus Ex 3 and hopefully getting LA Noire.

Hopefully the wiki will get some new members. Seems like we have gotten more members in the last few weeks, and some old returning members.

Remember add me on steam although i cant play any games with you (Shitty PC) Name: SmishNelson

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