So i've had a busy week. I had my last day of school on friday, i hated it and thought i'd be glad to be gone, but im gonna miss it and most of my friends there. So in September i can go to college and start with my Software and Games Development course.

I maneged to get a refund from Steam, since Deus Ex: Invisible War didnt work. Got my £6 back, might get DX 1. Not too sure. Havent bought nay new games, wanted LA Noire (as my friend pronounced LA Nor). Have been playing a lot of New Vegas. Finished Honest Hearts. Liked it, bit repetitive, loved Joshua Graham. and love how i look, walking around the Mojave with my SWAT vest, Autority glasses and bandanna on. And the great Survivalist rifle which is really effective, thought the service rifle was awful, but this is better than 'This Machine'. I added up all the time from my various playthroughs, i have over 150 Hours playtime.

Considered playing Metro again, since i started readin the book again. Played a bit of Minecraft and Bad Co. 2.

Also got to ban someone today, which was great!

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