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    Confirmed by Huw Beynon on twitter. New trailer for Metro Exodus being shown at the Game Awards, this thursday, 07/12.

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    First off, sorry for not being as active as i should be. College and work have taken most of my time. Anyways, the new issue of Gameinformer is out detailing many new features and insights into metro.

    • Andrew the smith is back
    • AK-2012 back
    • Some kind of mauser looking pistol
    • Flintock grip long barrel revolver
    • Hanza actually appear as Hanza soldiers and not generic guards
    • Dune Buggy Rail Car
    • Apparently the Reds have also been to D6
    • Bioweapon found by Reds in D6
    • Test bioweapon on random stations and take over said station
    • Digital watch
    • Weapons Mods
    • 3 Weapon slots and not sidearm slot, so 3 slots for any weapons
    • Hub station-Infirmary called circus
    • Artyom reluctant to reveal the reds are behind the attacks

    Now we have some sense of plot here. I Hope the dark o…

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    New Metro Epilogue

    August 14, 2012 by ChrisN34

    I Found this on amazons kindle store. It says its a recently created epilogue, from the perspective of artyom. For the first time published in english, and if its new, i guess in russian and other languages. Anyway, it links the gap between Metro 2033 and (Quoting the page here) Metro Last Light, The yet untranslated Metro 2034, and the upcoming Metro 2035.

    Im reading though now. So far its not bad. Hopeful news about the Metro 2034 translation and Metro 2035. I Would assume he would have written anyway, but it almost confirms it.

    US Link

    UK Link

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  • ChrisN34

    Wr are now affiliated with the AC Wikia. They have a table of affiliated wikias on their front page, i think we should do the same, and have the forum link in there as well

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