So here's my predictions for Metro Last Light, just judging from what happened in 2033, and what the trailer and such previewed.

  • First of all, the game is going to be good, great in fact and a preference of many fans. It's going to be better over all than Metro 2033 but it isn't going to leave quite as great of an impression, at least to me. IE: Resident Evil 5, Fallout New Vegas, syndrome.
  • The story is obviously going to follow Artyom, with the primary companion being Khan (who more resmbles his original concept). 4A may kill off Khan but I find that unlikley.
  • D6 is obviously going to be a large part of the game. With a weapon of mass destruction threatening the stability whole Metro. I would say this to likley be a nuclear missile but that theory has a few flaws in it. Mainly the fact that they only found one missile in D6 (even though they fired three at the dark ones).
  • This is going to be my most wild prediction but I predict that for the most part the enemy will be mutants, bandits, Communists and the 4th Reich (who all want a jab at D6's weapons), but they will not end up being the ultimate enemy. I would predict the real enemy, by the end of it, to be the Rangers. I think that the scene at the end of Biomass really told the most about the Ranger mentality, or ruling the world again "with fire and sword". It's evident that Atyom doesn't really feel confidence in this plan (especially after killing the dark ones) and that by the end of Last Light he may be working against the Rangers, who may be threatening to use the weapons for themselves. In this I predict the theme to be: "'He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster".

The ending result might be completely different (and I kinda hope it will be), but that's just my thoughts of how the gameplay and story would logically continue.

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