Hey anyone reading this, just a quick update..

I haven't been particularly active as of late, as I'm currently mid-way Term 3 of my Game Design education. Things are starting to get hectic, and, as some of you might have noticed, I've had less and less time to go to the wiki and edit. While I won't be available for quite some time (probably a few weeks, unless there is suddenly a course lighten) I do have some good news. I've had one group assignment for creating a Game Design Document, the contents of which, were to be based of a pre-existing game. The game we chose, and the project I headed was Metro Last Light. I, then, have some 90 written pages featuring many of factoids that currently do not appear on the wiki, and when I have a good amount of free time, can go about putting into the wiki.

I'll try to stay in contact with any and all editors that reach out to me on Steam or Skype:

Chaosian (Steam)

Ian Longiaru (Skype)

Take care guys, and see you in the Metro.

 Chaosian   05:28, March 25, 2014 (UTC)

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