'Attention, attention, people of Metro.'

I felt it would be a good thing to let all editors here know that I my request for adoption of this Wiki has been accepted and I am now administrator. I think that Metro 2033 is a great game with an awesome story and superb gameplay. I also think that it has flown far under the radar of the main stream public, which is a complete shame and that this is probably why this Wiki has little in the way of support. However now that I'm administrator we can work efficiently, deal with vandals, and give the wiki the sharper edge it deserves.

Speaking of vandals... I intend to keep the policy that the previous admins had. To quote Kewlcrayon:

“Vandalism is not tolerated on this wiki. There will be no warnings, any vandals will be banned for a determined period of time.”

Lastly like to let everyone know that if they have any questions I will be monitoring the Wiki on a near daily basis, even if I don't feel compelled to edit daily, and that they can ask them on my talk page or on these forums.

Now without further adieu...

"Forward march -- to the meat-grinder!"

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