So it's taken me 11 months, but tonight I sat down and read the last 50 pages. And all I can say is:

Holy fuck.

This novel is without a doubt my favorite I've ever read simply because of the amazing last chapter. What you get from the game, the hints, the clues, the climax, the revelation - it's all just echoes of the complete mental nuke you get from the novel. This whole thing, this whole 458 page novel, it's all setup for these last 10 paragraphs. All this hardship all this journey and death for simply more death. You, humanity, were wrong from the beginning and from before the beginning - and you were too blind to see it. This is why you don't deserve your happyness, your existance. It's a black ecstacy that I can't get over. Thank you Glukovsky, you really did just enriched my life... again! Chaosian 06:37, May 12, 2012 (UTC)

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