For the uninformed Extra Credits is an online videogame web video series known for it's increadibly smart and mature, critical thinking, perspective on the medium of video games. In the past the series has discussed numerous serious problems, unique intricities, and technical behind the scenes information with the games industry, and because of it, has earned high respect among the gamer community. Of their latest episode, a more linear and light-hearted one, seen here on Penny Arcade TV, they mention a number of good games that they'd recommend, which didn't get much noteriety. Well, I had a strange premonition it'd happen, this week they namedropped Metro 2033 as one of these games, and I couldn't feel more like a squeely fanboy that these very intelligent people made note of our game. Take a look, not only of the episode, but of the series and enlighten yourself on your hobby!

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