It's a little known fact that the first time I played through Metro 2033, I played on Hardcore and got the Enlightened ending. This wasn't completely all skill though, I had watched most of a silent 2033 Let's Play before I had bought the game and knew of the fact that there were two endings - even if I had only seen the Ranger one.

So with Last Light coming out in only a few days, I figured I would try to one-up myself by setting a tough goal - like when I did the Missing Link the first time on Give Me Deus Ex with a Factory 0 playthrough. Using the list of achievements I've decided that for my first playthough, I'm going for a Ranger Hardcore - Shadow Ranger - C'est la vie run, hoping I won't fuck up or get my ass handed to me.

Anyone that reads this (sometimes the blogs actually do have conversations), I'm also interested in hearing your goals - should you have any. Ranger hardcore? No deaths? Pistol run? The kniiiife runnn that was impossible in 2033?


Well, at 11 hours I beat it (though I suspect it might have taken me longer, because I restarted some areas a lot). My first Bastard from training all decked out as a silent sniper, and a matching "Shambler" for CQC. Ranger Hardcore and managed to save D6 to boot! I didn't, however manage Shadow Ranger, and I'm not too sure why not, actually. I got all the 'checkpoint' acivements for no-kills no-detects, the whole time I kept a really cool trigger finger. I didn't actually kill anyone (not even Pavel, or that other-red-line-guy-who-I-forget-the name-of-but-was-evil) with exception to the level when you're with Khan on the train, when Pavel has all the soldiers attack, and the final bloodbath in D6 (I think I killed everyone in all three instances) - as far as I remember. I did, however, perform a number of non-lethal takedowns that Adam Jensen would be proud of - so maybe that counts against me.

Oh well, what can I say. Regardless, it's an amazing, amazing game with a tier zero story and great gameplay. I'm proud to be an admin of this wiki.

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