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  • Chaosian

    We're not dead!

    August 21, 2014 by Chaosian

    Greetings audient void!

    Just a quick update as to my status with regard to Metro Last Light Metro Redux (that'll be hard to get used to). I'm currently just at the end of term 5 of my 6 terms at vidya gaem school, and have been working non-stop on a student game for the final assignment. 50 days of walking to school, sitting down for eight hours, and coming back home to sleep - strait. What a ride.

    Irregardless, the upcoming release of Redux means that some things will need to be added to the wiki. On top of that there's a fair amount of interesting little numerical goodies I still have from a Term 3 Game Design Document analysis I did on Metro Last Light, as well as a buttload of issues currently present in the wiki that have to be addressed.…

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  • Chaosian

    Hey anyone reading this, just a quick update..

    I haven't been particularly active as of late, as I'm currently mid-way Term 3 of my Game Design education. Things are starting to get hectic, and, as some of you might have noticed, I've had less and less time to go to the wiki and edit. While I won't be available for quite some time (probably a few weeks, unless there is suddenly a course lighten) I do have some good news. I've had one group assignment for creating a Game Design Document, the contents of which, were to be based of a pre-existing game. The game we chose, and the project I headed was Metro Last Light. I, then, have some 90 written pages featuring many of factoids that currently do not appear on the wiki, and when I have a good …

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  • Chaosian
    I wonder wither I should blame the translators or something because the strait number of 9th grade penalties is unbelievable - especially in Pavel. The writing too, mostly at the incredibly awkward beginning in Khan, feels like there wasn't a whole lot of care put into the department. Thankfully, the end of Khan is great and Anna pulls through with only a single punctuation error (one more in that level than I noticed in any other DLC or the entire Vanilla game, but still).

    Now, I found the Pack to be pretty good after the clipping bugs and typographical butchering in Pavel, so I'm really hoping they get around to patching this quick and ending off Last Light with a better mark.

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  • Chaosian

    Busy for the Next While

    October 8, 2013 by Chaosian

    Hey guys, just a heads up as to why I haven't been around much and won't be for the next few days. While I've been spending a lot of my time picking up the modding tools for Skyrim again in my free time, I'm also getting ready to move for school and the first time I've lived alone, having to prepare a birthdy present for my mom, and having to deal with a cat who's at his eleventh hour. I probably won't be editing the wiki much, but I'll do my best to monitor it, and keep in touch through Skype and the like.

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  • Chaosian

    Hey editors, just so everyone's on the same page I collected a bunch of screenshots for people to refer to the primary source information in the Tower Pack. This is mostly to help identify where in the timeline the pack takes place, but there's also a few other little things I picked up. I hate to see editors and myself counter-editing and having, even civil edit-wars so here it is:

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