Wether you got the Ranger ending or the redemption ending in Metro LL, the exact state of the metro is ambiguous.  The RedLine was defeated by both the Rangers/Dark Ones at D6 and the Reich at the frontline. So is the Redline weakened so much that they have very little military power left or is their defeats just a set back?  If they are weakened then does that might mean the Redline now faces invasion by Reich and Hansa.  It could be a possibility for this to come true because the peace agreement at Polis is never signed and I don't think the Reich is going to forgive them for trying to wipe them out at the frontline.  In both endings the Rangers are weakened or destroyed, so they are in no real position to stop Reich and Hansa from retaliating in the form of full scale invasion.  Also the Dark Ones can't stop it because they leave shortly after the battle.  So what do you guys think on the state of affairs of the metro after the battle?  Hopefully, that Metro 2035 or a game sequel will gives us more information.  I also wrote this on the discussion board for the endings.

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