Metro Last Light wish list.

  1. I think it is very important to have more suits in the game each one with a new appearance and abilities like stealth suit(medium damage resistance but high chance of a successful sneak on targets....and each suit has levels to improve it's performance (level one military suit,level one sneaking suit,level one heavy contact suit........)and you can see your suit after you buy it,and the same thing for helmets.
  2. You can upgrade your weapons and add special equipments to your weapon like a scoop and a silencer and not just find the weapon ready and fully equipped like in metro 2033.
  3. More open world options and i don't mean like Fallout(an amazing game by the way) i mean more scavenging in the place you are in because in metro 2033 most of the doors in the library were locked and i didn't like that because i was hoping for a lot of scavenging when i saw how huge that library was.
  4. More scary mutants with new abilities:most of the mutants in metro 2033 nearly had the same attacks and the same moves except the librarian.
  5. Finally more levels on the surface,i know the game is all about the metros but it won't hurt if they added more surface levels Because-and again-in metro 2033 there was only 5 levels we played on the surface and if they maxed that number it would be great.

Thank you for reading and please write down your comments and tell me what do you think about this wish list.

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