Metro Last Light Poem

This poem is written by Delta and Arch Knight Ulthering as a response to Crooked Shades request.

I know i said before that i wasn't good at writing poems and i was right but my youngest brother who is 12 years old wanted to help so he wrote a poem and i decided to show it to you and feel free to add your own adjustment if you like:

Metro Last Light

our death is so near

it is almost here

the metros are full of mutants

and soon we'll look into the eyes of fear

the monsters steps shakes the ground

while there demonic attacks burns our land

our final hope lies in the last light hands

and if he failed all of us will be buried in the


I hope you liked it and if you didn't you can add a few things to it to make it better and if you couldn't or you didn't like it i'll tell my brother to write a new one,and if you wanted to write another poem we'll be glad to help.

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