Metro 2033 Alternative Ending!!

I have found out recently that there is an alternative ending for Metro 2033, this ending includes sparing the dark ones lives instead of destroying them!! and to do so you are supposed to make every right decision in the game (they are 7 or maybe 8 decisions) and you must do the right thing every time, and when you do so Hunter at the end of the game will tell you the same thing that khan told you in Sparta station(war breeds war ........)and i don't remember what was the rest of it but it doesn't matter the important thing is we can spare the dark ones which means we didn't start a war so it won't breed another war and so the dark ones threat is over that is why every time you encounter them in the game they say to you the are just trying to understand us and they need our help because they are week and dieing but when we approach the end of the game without making all of the right decisions we will be declaring war against them and they will try to stop us and then hunter says:if it is kill it.

On the other hand if we approached the end of the game after making the right decisions Hunter will say what khan said, and you won't kill the alien at the end preventing another war from starting but how do we know that if we spared their lives they will spare ours?? maybe they are laying and they will wait until our backs are turned and then strike us AFTER ALL they didn't spare our lives before Artyom's quest to stop them they used to attack metro stations and wipe them out just like when they attacked exhibition..........So what do you guys think??? Is It better to kill them?? OR to spare their lives?? and do you think this option will effect metro last light events? but how this could be? we destroyed them and the game ended, we save them and the game ends too, so there is no other war in metro 2033 but there might be one in last light depending on your action in 2033.

Please tell me what do you think about these endings and which one you think is the best and why?? because i actually killed the dark ones and the ending was pretty good to me, it didn't look like it was a dawn for a new war, so do you think we should play the game again and save the dark ones?? but how do we know if saving them is better than killing them?? or how do we know if killing them is better than saving them??

Please if you read this answer my questions and share you ideas about what is the best ending and why??

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