As said 4A Games' technician Oles Shishkovcov "We had free resources to work on Redux, when a new project is nearing a preliminary stage of readiness. Now we need the Redux team, to ramp up the pace of work on a new project! For the game, on which we are working now, our designers have chosen a more open-ended gameplay - with less linearity, but also with a deep storyline. I will not go into details, but we also need to work of programmers. Also, we have improved the graphics in its various aspects, including the use of a physical system models shading. I'm not going to talk about the system of physical rendering, because we are still at the stage when the artists have yet to adapt our perception of the game. Generally, designers want more and more things than usual. Therefore, it is likely that the new game will run at 30 frames per second."

So let's waittt....

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