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The Universal Charger is a simple, but necessary device used by Artyom throughout his travels.


In a world with little electricity outside of the stations, it is a vital piece of equipment that allows Artyom to charge up most battery-powered devices. A simple, but efficient hand-operated dynamo, it can be used an unlimited number of times to charge and recharge the batteries of most electronic devices Artyom can carry. The universal charger of Metro Last Light differs from its 2033 counterpart in that it charges several times faster. And an icon is shown while fully-charged.


Artyom receives it before his trip to Riga. It will see use throughout the game. It also returns in Metro: Last Light, with Artyom receiving it from Vladimir.


The charger affects the following devices:

  • Flashlight: When charged, the beam of light the flashlight is more intense and has longer range.
  • Night Vision Goggles: Provides power. The goggles will become nonfunctional if the power runs out.
  • Hellbreath: A variation on this charger is integerated into the Hellbreath to provide power for accelerating its ammunition, ball bearings. However, using the main charger will not recharge the Hellbreath.


  • The motor on the generator is based on a real motor that is used with industrial sewing machines. The motor is referred to as the "МУН-2" and is listed for purchase on various websites in Ukraine and Russia. Here is a picture of the motor plaque of one, which is identical to the in-game motor's texture.
  • 74308553 1 644x461 prodam-elektromotor-mun-2-odessa

    Label from real motor which is the basis of the hand generator and Hellbreath chargers.

    In the novel, it was given to Artyom by Khan, as exchange for Bourbon's map of the metro. The charger was wired directly to a flashlight with no battery.
  • In-game, it is also carried by Khan, Bourbon and some rangers.
  • The night vision goggles drain the power faster than the flashlight, so regular charging is a must.
  • When left idle, Artyom will fiddle around with the charger and adjust different screws and dials, and then will receive a minor electrical shock from the charger.