Metro last light icon by robertocrespo-d4790ss

MLL Tortoise Ach
Value: Bronze Trophy - 10Game points
Description: Make 10 spiders flip belly-up.
Metro Last Light Achievement/Trophy

Tortoise is an achievement/trophy in Metro: Last Light awarded by making 10 spiderbugs flip over onto their backs, by concentrating the flashlight on them for a few moments. They must be killed for it to count - to save ammunition, simply keep the flashlight trained on them and they will burn and die, or you can approach them and use the knife attack to kill them. The first spiderbugs are found on the level Torchlight, but there are not usually enough to unlock this. More spiderbugs are found later on in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • The achievement/trophy requires you to kill Spiderbugs, but the icon shows a scorpion, possibly referring to the Spiderbugs with scorpion like tails.

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