The Watchtower
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Leadership information

Base Location:

A train-monastery in the tunnel between Serpukhovskaya and Tulskaya stations


Elder John

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The Watchtower is a religious faction appearing in Metro 2033.


The Watchtower comprises many Jehovah's Witnesses, who operate and preach out of a subway-train-turned-monastery. They believe that the end-times are already upon them; also that the survivors of the great war are those selected by God to ascend to heaven. Artyom meets a member of this group, after he escapes Serpukhhovskaya, called Brother Timothy. Out of kindness Timothy takes Artyom to The Watchtower and provides him with food and new clothes after having a shower of (interestingly) running water. While Artyom stays and listens to some of the sermons of the Watchtower priests (Elder John in particular), he leaves after he gets tired and sick of all the religious preaching - which contradicts his own perceptions of the state of the metro.

The whereabouts of the Watchtower are not specified, though it may be a number of stations from Nagtinskaya all the way to the service tunnels by Chertanovskaya and Varshavskaya. Alternatively, it could be located in just a tunnel and not in a station at all.