The Tower (Novel)
Wieża - polska okładka
General Information


Robert J. Szmidt




Polish (original)


Post-apocalyptic fiction

Publication Date:

May 2016 (Poland)

Media Type:



488 (Polish original)


The Tower (Polish: Wieża) is a novel that is part of the Universe of Metro 2033, a long-running series of short stories, novellas and novels written by different authors, all set in the world of MetroThe Tower, written by Polish author Robert J. Szmidt, was originally published in May of 2016. Although there is currently no English version of the book, The Tower will be translated to Russian like other titles from the series that were originally created in a different language.

The book is a direct sequel to The Abyss and the second chapter in Robert J. Szmidt's planned trilogy. Just like its predecessor, The Tower is set in Wrocław. It is the third full-length Polish novel and overall sixth Polish entry in the Universe. Similarly to Szmidt's previous writing, or arguably even more so, The Tower is regarded as one of the best works from the entire series.


Carrying on from where The Abyss left off: Paweł "Nauczyciel" Remer has been enlisted to resume his service in what remains of the Polish Armed Forces. Tasked by his new employers with preventing the crisis in the New Vatican from spiralling out of control, Remer must secure safe passage for masses of refugees through the hostile western territories of Wrocław all the way south to the developed territory of the "Miasto" faction that will become their haven. Furthermore, he seeks to avert the upcoming war with the Lecterites by planning an assault on the enigmatic building that once used to be known as Sky Tower. Remer's venture will require the input of the cunning as ever Iskra and the help of former enemies, but even that cannot stop it from taking numerous unforeseen turns.

The Tower explores the more densely populated and technologically developed segments of Wrocław's sewers (south of ground zero where the 100 kiloton warhead was dropped), delves deeper into the ranks of the nationalistic Wszechwrocław clan, expands on the city's post-apocalyptic history and sheds light on the Hitlerite history of the most secret underground of Festung Breslau. In addition to the protagonists returning from the previous book, some side characters such as the League of Stripes leader "Messi" are also brought back. Moreover, an interesting cast of new personas are introduced, from the alluring and influential "Freja" to the frighteningly berserker-like "Dragon".


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