The Plague



Rimskaya, Ploschad Ilyicha, and Avimotomaya


Hanza quarantine


The Plague is a disease of unknown origin in the novel entries of the Metro Series.


The plague in Metro 2033 is described secondhand by a man shortly after Artyom meets Khan for the first time. According to the man, who had escaped from one of the stations (Rimskaya, Ploschad llyicha, and Avimotomaya) where the infected now live, the disease is sporadic in symptoms - but in all cases is highly infectious and lethal. Common symptoms are said to include sudden rashes, swelling and buboes, as well as sensitive skin (particularly the armpits). Upon the onset of symptoms, there is no cure, and death ensues after approximately two painful weeks.

According to the man, the incubation period of the plague was roughly a week, but this was quickly assumed by many others in the novel to vary greatly, and as a result of such, caused paranoia over the subject. The disease was speculated to be caused by touch or liquid ingestion, and not to be airborne, as the symptoms are not pulmonary. As a result of the infection, Hansa declared the area a quarantine zone and placed flamethrower units to guard the tunnel, reportedly blasting anyone who dared venture forth from them.

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