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During the years that passed after the War, we stalkers left no stone unturned in the accessible regions of the city in our search for resources. That's why the news of the D6, a colossal secret bunker found in a pristine state had such an impact. All the Metro is dreaming of secret military facilities not marked on any maps now.

— Level Description

Game: Metro Last Light
Spider Lair
Place: Bunker
  • Find Petrovich
  • Find Simon
  • Get out
Metro Star Metro Wiki has a video walkthrough for this level, Spider Lair. See Spider Lair/Walkthrough.

The Spider Lair is a single player level in Metro: Last Light's DLC, the Developer Pack, where you, as an unnamed Stalker, are forced to navigate through an old missile silo full of Spiderbugs, armed with little else but a Flamethrower, an Ashot and a flashlight along with your lighter while you search for filters and escape.


The level begins with the player, a young stalker, sitting with two companions, Simon and Petrovich, in the Venice bar. They discuss the location of another bunker complex, similar to D6, but not marked on any maps. Petrovich reminds Simon of the last group that went there, and how they never returned, but Simon comments that they will survive. The group drink and Petrovich suggests they smoke - he offers a light but produces his Flamethrower from under the table, making Simon jump. They laugh and say they will be safe with the flamethrower.

Two days later, the Stalker awakens upside-down, suspended in Spiderbug webbing. After freeing himself and dropping a distance to the floor, he scrambles about, looking for an exit and his companions. He eventually finds Simon, already long dead. He takes his Head Torch and knife just before a Spiderbug attacks. Moving deeper into the facility, he finds Petrovich and his flamethrower, which proves incredibly effective against the Spiderbugs and their nests. After acsending the old missile silos, he finally activates an elevator and makes it to the surface. However, as he does, a pack of Watchmen ambush him, one pouncing as the level ends. It is unknown if he survived.


MLL ThroughTheFire Ach Through the Fire Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Complete the SPIDER LAIR level.

MLL Arachnophobia Ach Arachnophobia Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill 20 spiders with your flame thrower.


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