Metro 2033 icon v1 by kamizanon-d48tkwj

Value 20Game points
Description Get 50 kills with the Volt Driver
Metro 2033 Achievement

Shocking is an achievement/trophy awarded for 50 kills in Metro 2033, and 30 in Metro 2033 Redux, both with the Hellbreath. In Metro 2033, this can only be done if the Ranger Pack DLC is bought as this is the only way to obtain the Hellbreath. In Metro 2033 Redux, the Hellbreath can be obtained from Armory station The kills can easily be achieved as kills on both humans and mutants count and can be done at any part of the game. It must be done in one playthrough, but you can restart chapters to farm kills. 

Value: Bronze Trophy - 15Game points
Description: Get 30 kills with Hellbreath
Metro 2033 Redux Achievement/Trophy


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