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The Satanists are a community of malevolent metro inhabitants, who believe that the metro is the pathway to hell. 


In Metro 2033, a living witness of the Satanists' describes how he was kidnapped on Belorusskaya and brought to their station. He did not recognise it and its exact location is never revealed by Glukhovsky in the first novel. The station is described as vandalised, with name-boards ripped off, as well as blood-stained walls and floor. In the centre of the platform there is a huge pit where slaves kidnapped from other stations dig further down, perhaps around 30 metres deep, with the aim of reaching hell itself.

Satanists believe that the end of the world already happened, and the Moscow metro is the gate to the underworld – if they go a bit deeper, they would get to hell and meet Satan the light-bearer himself. Most Satanists are armed and they apparently do not maintain any industry, they also brutally murder slaves on a constant basis. How they trade or kidnap people remains a well-kept secret. It's explained by one character that the Satanists could occupy the metro station of Lyublino, thus given there is only one witness, the ultimate Satanist locations is still highly questionable.

In Dark Tunnels, it is revealed that the station is actually Timiryazevskaya; it was settled by the Satanists some time after it was abandoned by the survivors of the rat attack. Antonov goes into more detail when describing how the faction is organised: it is led by a manipulative middle-aged man who keeps most of his community under control through consumption of hallucinogenic fungi. The apparently futile attempt to reach hell gives his minions purpose in life. The Satanists utilise a network of hidden tunnels to gain access to other stations. Hanza secretly maintains limited relations with the Satanists through traders, as the devil-worshippers have access to a source of fuel.

Timiryazevskaya has also been covered with pentagrams and satanic curses have been written over its walls in Latin. Many of the station's denizens wear necklaces made out of rat teeth; they generally use primitive clothing and have poor hygiene, with exception to their leader who always appears clean and well-dressed.

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